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My #Paperhaul Review: A Box of Delights


I know. Your heart rate is already elevated. Your eyes are a little wider than they were just a second ago. And perhaps your palms are feeling a little clammy. But try and stay calm while I take you through this box of delights sent to me by #Paperhaul, a monthly, stationery subscription service. Yes. This is a real thing and if that’s all you need to know, you can sign up here.

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DSCF0497Anyone who follows me on Twitter may have twigged that I have something of an obsession with stationery. It might be a writer thing, or an ex-teacher thing but either way, stationery has a habit of making me swoon, and when I opened this box from #Paperhaul I had to take a seat and take some deep breaths into a paper bag for fear of keeling over. This month’s package, designed by Gaze of Doll Designs, happens to be loosely themed around Alice in Wonderland! It’s pretty hard to get any cooler than that and as an avid snailmailer, I can’t really get over the cuteness of those note cards.


I love the versatility of washi tape. It can be stuck down, peeled off and (most of the time) written on and the roll that came with this pack is just adorable. I particularly like the fact that the colours are bright as when I’m using it for snail mail I like the package to be as vibrant as possible.


The number of items included in the pack is impressive and they’re all printed on quality paper stock. As well as the note cards, postcards are also included which are so useful for running off quick ‘I’m thinking of you’ notes to my penpals.


Yes, we all know I have a notebook habit. But I couldn’t be happier to add this one to the collection. The quality of the paper is beautiful and those little designs around the edges are the perfect size – big enough to be decorative, not so big that they get in the way of what I’m writing!

DSCF0506With the tea party and the yellow brick road this card feels like a cross over between Alice in Wonderland and The Wizard of Oz, and I love it. Honestly, if you send mail to people you will be totally set up with a #Paperhaul box.


And as if all this wasn’t enough, the box came with a sheet of stickers. I love notebooks and washi and postcards of course, but the stickers escalated this package to a whole new level for me. It is evidence that the #Paperhaul crowd really understand what stationery addicts want, and deliver it.

I was sent this box of treats free for review but I have to say, I think it’s well worth the money you pay for it. Every item is printed to a very high quality. The company understand their customers and create boxes packed with bright, bold designs and are also giving some very talented designers and illustrators a platform on which to promote themselves. As someone who is keen to support independent artists, this was an element of the box that really appealed to me.

On an eco-note, the boxes are made of recycleable materials and as I’m a massive upcycling geek, I’ll be using the box and twine included in other snail mail creations I send out into the world. It’s obvious from the presentation and execution that a great deal of thought and care has gone into this product which, at the risk of sounding like our Mam, is rare these days.

This box gets full marks from me for creativity, presentation and sustainability. As a subscription product at £10 per month plus postage, it is a financial commitment but most of us who are into stationery, if we’re honest with ourselves for a change, would admit we do probably spend £10 a month on stationery. For some, it’s more. With #Paperhaul I know I’m guaranteed quality, that I’m supporting independent artists and that I’m going to get a decent number of items for my money. You can’t say fairer than that.

It’s worth following #Paperhaul on Twitter as they offer all sorts of stationery promotions. If you want to sign up to their service, click here for more information.


3 comments on “My #Paperhaul Review: A Box of Delights

  1. Clair B
    July 29, 2016

    Oh my this is super cute and I am loving the Alice theme!


  2. Dodger
    August 6, 2016

    A subscription box for stationery?! I’m sold! One question though, how big were the notebooks?


    • Helen
      August 7, 2016

      It was a bit bigger than pocket size in dimensions. Maybe double that but it was a thick ream of paper.


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