Author: Helen Cox

Helen Cox is a UK author. She made her on-screen debut in The Krankies in 1990. Given the choice, her Mastermind topic would be Grease 2 and when someone asks her if she is a god she says 'yes.' Oh, you want to know about her books? Best click some of the links below.

Book Buzz

Though Milkshakes and Heartbreaks at the Starlight Diner, the first book in the Starlight Diner series, hasn’t even been released yet, lots of my readers have been tweeting and talking about it online.

I’d like to thank everyone who has taken the time to tell me how much they enjoy my writing. It’s difficult to explain how much this means to me in a few short words but essentially, there are few greater feelings than knowing something I’ve written makes somebody smile, laugh, cry or think. It is the element of writing that I cherish most, so thank you, very much.

Below, you can find just a small sample of the wonderful things people have been saying about the world of The #StarlightDiner.

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A five star review for the short story, Off Stage at the Starlight Diner:

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