Author: Helen Cox

Helen Cox is a UK author. She made her on-screen debut in The Krankies in 1990. Given the choice, her Mastermind topic would be Grease 2 and when someone asks her if she is a god she says 'yes.' Oh, you want to know about her books? Best click some of the links below.

Your heart won’t run out of love

Click here for an audio version of this post. Last week, I was asked by one of my readers what my thoughts are about love. The nature of it; how … Continue reading

October 16, 2017 · 1 Comment

My #Paperhaul Review: A Box of Delights

I know. Your heart rate is already elevated. Your eyes are a little wider than they were just a second ago. And perhaps your palms are feeling a little clammy. … Continue reading

July 29, 2016 · 3 Comments

Book Review: How to Get Hitched in Ten Days

The heartwarming novella How to Get Hitched in Ten Days by Samantha Tonge is currently free to download on Amazon. To celebrate, here’s my review… If you follow this blog, you … Continue reading

July 24, 2016 · Leave a comment

Writing Partners: the when, the how and the why

Author note: when searching for an accompanying image it seemed logical to reflect the setting of my first novel: New York, 1990. This is how I imagine my writing partner, Dean Cummings and I might’ve … Continue reading

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Snail Mail Sunday: Stamp Mail Art

Last month, I spent some time collaging some stamps onto writing paper as part of a mail art project for one of the penpals I’ve acquired through the International Geek … Continue reading

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My Two-Book Deal With HarperCollins

This morning, I signed a contract for a second book with HarperCollins. So, it’s official! My first novel: Milkshakes and Heartbreaks at the Starlight Diner will be the first book … Continue reading

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Helen’s Latest Column for Big Picture Magazine

When you know a lot about offbeat, forgotten films, people sometimes let you write about them and my latest film column is now available to read on the Big Picture Magazine website. There, … Continue reading

February 29, 2016 · Leave a comment