Author: Helen Cox

Helen Cox is a UK author. She made her on-screen debut in The Krankies in 1990. Given the choice, her Mastermind topic would be Grease 2 and when someone asks her if she is a god she says 'yes.' Oh, you want to know about her books? Best click some of the links below.

Writing and Breathing

I won’t be the first writer to say it but I will be the first writer to say it in precisely these words: writing is as natural and essential to … Continue reading

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Milkshakes & Heartbreaks Book Anniversary

Today I am celebrating the first anniversary of my debut novel: Milkshakes and Heartbreaks at the Starlight Diner. It was published by HarperCollins on Independence Day 2016 because of its … Continue reading

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Write Away: A Creative Writing Event

Last Wednesday I had the privilege of leading a creative writing event with fellow author Leigh Russell, organised by Katherine Sunderland who runs the Bibliomaniac website. Although I’ve previously guest lectured … Continue reading

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Handlettering: An Arrow Can Only Be Shot

I practised some handlettering in my journal the other day by writing out this quote. Sadly, I can’t find out who the author is. The arrow washi tape and ‘follow … Continue reading

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March 2017 Journal Flip Through

Want to see inside the pages of my journal? Well, let me open the door to you. Come on inside and read between my lines. I just uploaded a March … Continue reading

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My Portable Journaling Kit

Ever wondered what a writer carries around in her handbag? For the most part, you probably don’t want to know. But, I can tell you I don’t go ANYWHERE without … Continue reading

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Soundcloud Broadcast 4: Facing the Fear of Feedback

How do you deal with negative feedback on your writing? It’s a question all writers have to face at some point in their career. So many of us have poured … Continue reading

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